Icons, Books, and T-Shirts for Extraordinary People


A friendly and versatile icon family with thousands of icons in four distinct styles.

Default In Love Fall Asleep Coffee Time Psst… press one of these icons.

Your purchase includes ALL Symbolicons Pro styles!


2,000+ Solid Icons

Sturdy and clean, Symbolicons Pro: Solid is your new go-to, default icon set.

2,000+ Line Icons

Hip and modern, Symbolicons Pro: Line adds personality to your projects.

2,000+ Duoline Icons

Unique and friendly, Symbolicons Pro: Duoline takes our line icons to the next level.

2,000+ Color Icons

Fun and whimsical, Symbolicons Pro: Color is your on-demand illustration library.

(NO) Growing Pains

Symbolicons Pro icons are completely vector, which means you can scale them to any size you want.

Seriously. Put these icons on a billboard. In space.



All icons in Symbolicons Pro are built on a crisp 24 pixel grid. And each style contains the same icons, so you can easily update your project's look and feel.

Arrows poking clouds never looked so good.


A Different World

Four Styles. 67 categories. Over 8,000 total icons. With Symbolicons Pro, the possibilities are infinite.

To be fair, we didn’t actually count ALL of the possibilities. We kind of petered out after documenting 2,800,204,005 possibilities. Close enough?

Perfect Strangers

In addition to standard icons, Symbolicons Pro is full of unique additions that will make you smile.

Yes, that's a butt icon. Also shown: R2-D2, guillotine, grim reaper, lighter, tank, beer pong, sheep, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, monkey, fingers crossed, fishbowl, garlic, spray can, and poop.


Diff'rent Strokes

The strokes in the Symbolicons Pro Line style have been left intact, which means you have complete control over how thick or thin they are.

Please use this power wisely. We cannot be held responsible for egregiously-sized strokes.


Step By Step

Use find & replace in Sketch, Illustrator, or Iconjar, and easily update the colors in Symbolicons Pro to match your brand.

You can also match the colors of someone else's brand. We won't tell.


Icons are delivered in multiple formats, and are completely cross-platform.

Each style contains files the following formats: Adobe Illustrator, Sketch App, PDF, SVG, PS Custom Shapes, and PNG. And for the first time, an IconJar library is included.


Bring your project to life with Symbolicons Pro.


Each icon in Symbolicons Pro is a tiny work of art. You get the picture.


There's nothing fishy about using Symbolicons Pro to create layouts your customers will love.


Strengthen your next project with with Symbolicons Pro. Perfect for apps, websites, and tattoos.


Symbolicons Pro is part of a balanced breakfast. 

Symbolicons have been my go-to icon set at Dribbble for several years. Jory’s shapes have just the right amount of friendliness that make them fresh and versatile. Can’t recommend them enough.
— Dan Cederholm, Dribbble Co-Founder